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History and Figures of Pragmatism

Pragmatism and Fields of Philosophy

Pragmatism and other Philosophies

Pragmatism and other Disciplines

Web Talk about Pragmatism

Other philosophies and topics related to Pragmatism



History and Figures of Pragmatism


American Philosophy In The 18th & 19th Centuries, by Russell Goodman

The Metaphysical Club, by John Shook

Pragmatism, essay by H. S. Thayer from the Encyclopaedia Brittanica

Pragmatism, essay by Philip Wiener from the Dictionary of the History of Ideas




American Pragmatism, at

Research Sources on Pragmatism, at the Infography.

Pragmatism, article at Wikipedia

Pragmatism, article in Catholic Encyclopedia


Pragmatist Feminism

Intersections Between Pragmatist and Continental Feminism


Jane Addams

Addams, Jane

Dewey, John

John Dewey, article by Jim Garrison at the Encyclopaedia of Philosophy of Education

Dewey's Moral Philosophy

Dewey's Aesthetics

Dewey's Political Philosophy

Du Bois, William Edward Burghardt

Emerson, Ralph Waldo

William James

William James and the Tradition of American Public Philosophers, by Cushing Strout

Sidney Hook

Lewis, Clarence Irving

George Herbert Mead

Mead, George Herbert

Charles Sanders Peirce

Peirce, Charles Sanders

Charles Sanders Peirce, at

Charles Sanders Peirce, by Robert Tremblay [in French]

Pragmatism, C.S. Peirce's

Peirce: Architectonic Philosophy

Peirce's Logic

Peirce's Theory of Signs

Rorty, Richard

Richard Rorty

Josiah Royce

George Santayana

Santayana, George

Wright, Chauncey

Chauncey Wright


Pragmatism and Fields of Philosophy

The Logic of Modern Physics (1927), by Percy Bridgman

Beyond Eliminative Materialism: Some Unnoticed Implications of Churchland's Pragmatic Pluralism, by Teed Rockwell

Peirce, Virtuality, and Semiotic, by Peter Skagestad

Peirce's Theory of Signs, by Jay Zeman

Biology, Pragmatism and the Question of Contradiction, by Miriam Graciano

The Metaphysics of Dewey's Conception of The Self, by Craig A. Cunningham

Cognitivism, Situated Cognition, and Deweyian Pragmatism, by Eric Bredo

Reconceptualizing Educational Psychology: A Pragmatic Approach to Developments in Cognitive Science, by Stephen Triche and John St. Julien

Why Children Don't have to Solve the Frame Problems, by Mark H. Bickhard

Experience and Sensation: Sellars and Dewey on the Non-cognitive aspects of Mental Life, by Teed Rockwell

Relational Thinking Styles and Engaged Intelligence Training, a Peirce-based application of Logic

Dewey's Idea of Sympathy and the Development of the Ethical Self: A Japanese Perspective, by Naoko Saito

On Helping People to Die: A Pragmatic Account, by Mary B. Mahowald

Public Hearings / Hearing Publics: A Pragmatic Approach to Applying Ethics, by Kelly Parker

Dewey, Discipline, and Democracy, by John F. Covaleskie

Dewey as the Schoolmaster for Marx's Radical Democracy, by Richard Brosio


Pragmatism and other Philosophies

Feminist Approaches to the Intersection of Pragmatism and Continental Philosophy by Shannon Sullivan

Pragmatism, Perfectionism, and Feminism, by Richard Gilmore

Representationalism and Antirepresentationalism - Kant, Davidson and Rorty, by Janos Boros

A Critique of Rorty's Analysis of Modern Epistemology, by Teed Rockwell

A Plea for a Peircean Turn in Analytic Philosophy, by Jaime Nubiola


Pragmatism and other Disciplines


Pragmatism and the Question of Truth, from Pragmatism and Sociology (1914), by Emile Durkheim

Symbolic Interactionism as Defined by Herbert Blumer at House Atreides

Charles Sanders Peirce, at the Semiotics page from University of Colorado, Denver

Legal Pragmatism, by Brian Butler

The Limits of Pragmatism (review of Posner), by Philip Johnson

Truth and the Pragmatic Theory of Learning, by John Shook

Political Pragmatism and Educational Inquiry, by Audrey Thompson

Dewey's Conception of "Virtue" and its Educational Implications, by Suzanne Rice

Pragmatic Media Philosophy by Mike Sandbothe

Narrativity, Modernity, and Tragedy: How Pragmatism Educates Humanity, by Sami Pihlström

Techne and Politeia Revisted: Pragmatic Paths to Technological Revolution, by Larry Hickman



Web talk about on Pragmatism



Phil Oliver's "Delight Springs"

American Philosophy blog by John Capps


Video and Audio

Perspectives of Pragmatism is a video collection of interviews with Dewey scholars about Dewey's philosophical views.

John McDermott on Pragmatism

Harvard University conference, May 2007: "William James and Josiah Royce a Century Later"

John McDermott on Pragmatism aired December 3, 2006 on San Francisco's KALW.

Robert Richardson on YouTube, November 2006: "Chasing William James"

Pragmatism: Interview with Hilary Putnam, Richard Rorty, and James Conant. By Gretchen Helfrich for WBEZ Chicago on 24 April 2002 (scroll down)

Colloquium on the Centennial of William James's The Varieties of Religious Experience, Columbia Center for the Study of Science and Religion, Columbia University, 24-25 March 2002. Lecturers: Anne Taves, David Hollinger, Jerome Bruner, Wayne Proudfoot, and Richard Rorty.

Radio interviews with Louis Menand, author of The Metaphysical Club. Interview with Robert Siegel of National Public Radio on May 24, 2001 (scroll to bottom).  Interview at The Connection on June 5, 2001

Television interview with Linda Simon, Genuine Reality: A Life of William James. Transcript of interview with Brian Lamb, host of C-SPAN Booknotes, on June 7, 1998.


Discussion Lists


The Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy offers announcements and a Listserve.

The PEIRCE-L is a public forum about Charles Sanders Peirce.




Other philosophies and topics related to Pragmatism

 American Philosophy

American Studies


Continental Philosophy

Critical Theory and Postmodernism







Positive Psychology

Process Philosophy


Symbolic Interactionism